The investment needed to build the Domus Jerusalem is estimated at $35 million. 

This Calculation is based on:
 • Practical costs and experience gained in construction of the Domus Galilee
 • Volunteer Legal, Architectural and Construction expertise
 • Use of donated materials and volunteer tradesman and labor, where ever possible
 • Israeli price list for purchase of goods, equipment, and services 

The Domus Jerusalem costs are allocated as: 
• $2,500,000 for administrative, legal, architectural, and archaeological consulting fees and permits. 
• $28,000,000 for land rights, infrastructure and building construction including; electrical, plumbing, heating & A/C, landscaping, security and communications. 
• $4,500,000 for furniture and equipment including; fixtures, kitchen, library, lighting, and auditorium. 
• Domus Jerusalem Inc. is operational, and those who wish to collaborate with this work of the Lord can give send their contributions to: 

Domus Jerusalen Inc.
774 Boylston St.
Chestnut Hill‎ MA‎ 02467
United States

Or contact:

Ed Condon

Domus Jerusalem Inc.

1(201)644-7226 office

1(201)693-8673 cell